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This bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive. With the exception of the “General Information” section, it provides resources, which were recently written or updated. Those resources contain bibliographies for those wishing to peruse older volumes and wisdom.

As for the General Information section, most of the entries date from the Nineteen Eighties, some are earlier. The volumes are not generally available; many are out-of-print. A good university library (University of Arizona, Tucson, or University of California, Riverside) and the American Oil Chemists Society in Champaign, Illinois are starting places. One of these books is available through Google Books, The Chemistry and Technology of Jojoba Oil. If you wish to purchase the book or do further research of your own, please go to, an excellent source for obtaining out-of-print and recently printed books.


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  • National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. To obtain high quality essential oils, we recommend that you contact The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, They maintain an active membership list of essential oil vendors.
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Note: There are numerous soap-making organizations, which welcome new members, hold annual conventions, and offer tips and advice not found in the literature. A search under “soap-making” at will provide a large number of informative leads.