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With 30 years of improving your massage practice,
HobaCare Jojoba provides genuine peace of mind for you and your client.


"The glide is perfect and I have yet to find another product that can rival its positive effects on the skin"

РJessica Collishaw, West Nyack, NY


"Your product is far superior compared to others I have tried... It is excellent for hot/warm stone therapy as well as any modalities or massage techniques"

– Robert Mendoza, RMT, Crosby, TX


"I started to get feedback from my clients. I literally got Facebook messages like ‚Äúwhat did you use on me ‚Äď it‚Äôs so good!‚ÄĚ"

– Michelle, Owner of Lumina Massage

A New Kind Of Massage Product



Jojoba is a seed, not a nut. Compatible with and beneficial to all skin types

Will not Go Rancid

100% Pure Jojoba is shelf stable and will not develop off-putting smells

Will not Stain

Jojoba washes out of natural fiber sheets saving you money and time


Jojoba will not clog your client's pores or cause a break out of any kind

What is HobaCare Jojoba?

Pressed from a seed (not a nut), jojoba extract is naturally a liquid wax ester that is uniquely almost molecularly identical to the sebum our skin produces.
filling jojoba

If you are wary of using oil in your massage practice – we don’t blame you! Allergies, rancidity, greasiness, and staining can often steer LMTs away from choosing oil (and even lotions or gels). HobaCare Jojoba is free from all of those issues. Even those who have tried other brands of jojoba in the past notice a difference with HobaCare¬†Jojoba. This is due to our signature first-press specification which prioritizes quality over quantity. It is unrefined, cold-pressed, and always free from pesticides,¬†parabens, petroleum, and fragrance.

HobaCare Saves You Money

LMTs report needing to use less per session than other products, with no compromising grip for glide.

Clients enjoy moisturized skin and walk away eager to maintain it. Since HobaCare doubles as daily skincare (and more), it makes a seamless retail item for your practice, earning you more money!

One product that is adaptable and effective for the spectrum of modalities. From deep tissue, relaxation and hot stone to infant, medical and oncology massage. Non-comedogenic for facial massage.

female massage therapist working with knee of patient that is laying on table
hand massage
jojoba oil for salt stone massage

Never lose clients due to reactions from allergens, additives or irritants in your product. HobaCare is one, pure ingredient, a seed extract that is naturally non-allergenic and safe for all skin types.

Pure jojoba is naturally shelf-stable, meaning you never have to worry about it expiring!

One of the biggest cost savers we hear about? HobaCare is non-staining to natural fiber sheets! No more quality linens ruined from stains and rancid odors. Your investments are protected.

Get Your Sample and Feel the Difference

More Ways To Save!

We offer tiered pricing on gallons, free shipping with auto-shipments, retail starter kits, and our Jojoba Seeds Rewards program!

Half Gallons and Gallons of HobaCare jojoba

Jojoba is¬†our specialty. We love to¬†describe how greatly HobaCare Jojoba differs from oils (and even from other brands of jojoba)¬†and how this benefits our discerning customers.¬†At the same time, we want to reach¬†as many as we can¬†to share our product.¬†This means you will¬†see us refer to HobaCare as jojoba “oil” in some places¬†on our website/blog, due to that being the most recognized term for search engines, etc. We believe in being enthusiastically transparent, so we¬†hope you’ll give us a call (1-800-256-5622) or e-mail with any questions! We absolutely love hearing from you.

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