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100% JOJOBA MASSAGE OIL a naturally superior product

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using 100% jojoba massage oil on back massage
jojoba massage oil

Ginnie is a (now retired) local massage therapist that loves using Jojoba Massage Oil. She wrote this article for us to share her love of HobaCare Jojoba Oil and to tell her story.

One of the things that inspired me to become a massage therapist was my personal experience. After I was involved in a car accident, I was given a weekly massage by a licensed massage therapist. This wonderful woman encouraged me to attend school and become a massage therapist. I plan to talk more about her in the future, but today I want to thank her for introducing me to jojoba oil as a massage medium.

That’s the product she used for all of her massages and I always loved it as a recipient of massage. I never came away feeling “greasy” or feeling like I needed to go home and take a shower. My skin just felt soft and well hydrated. Naturally, when it came time for me to select a product to use in my own practice, I began by using 100% pure HobaCare Jojoba Massage Oil from The Original Jojoba Company.

I used it all through school (Downeast School of Massage), interspersed with all of the other products that other students used and the samples that were provided for us by various companies. I never liked using any other products better than jojoba. 100% Jojoba Massage Oil continues to be my #1 massage medium of choice and below are the reasons why.

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Jojoba Massage Oil is Unscented

jojoba oil for massage

In my practice, I am blessed to specialize in oncology massage. You have probably known someone who has been through cancer and its treatment. But suffice it to say, the ensuing side effects often leave people nauseous, queasy, and with aversions to odors. Jojoba is totally unscented, clients simply feel its silkiness without any scent. It can, however, also serve as the perfect carrier for essential oils should that be desired for any application.

Another benefit of using 100% Jojoba Massage Oil as a massage oil is that because of it being chemically different from an “oil” (it’s actually an ester… remember that from chemistry class?) it does not go rancid!

We all know that smell, right? You’ve had that container of oil in the closet for just a little too long and woof, it smells bad, that oil is now wasted. Or, oops, that set of sheets sat too long, stuck in the back of the closet or laundry bag… and no amount of washing can get that rancid oil smell out of the sheets, so you have to pitch the sheets — expensive. But not so when using jojoba oil.

At least that has been my experience. I used to work with several other therapists who used other products for skin lubrication. We all used the same sheets and those sheets needed to be replaced yearly because of the odor they retained from the other products. Since I have been in solo practice, using only 100% Jojoba Massage Oil, I have never had that problem.

Jojoba Massage Oil is Cost Effective, A Little Goes a Long Way

Why I Use Jojoba oil for Massage
One of the other reasons I like using 100% Jojoba Massage Oil in my massage therapy practice, is that a little goes a long way. I was taught that deep tissue massage requires no lubrication, however, living in the great northeast where we have long winters, and lots of dry skin, I find I need just “a little something” sometimes. It’s easy to dispense just a tiny bit of jojoba to provide the exact amount of lubrication that I need. But for oncology massage, where I’m using very slow, long, and light pressure strokes, I can use more jojoba if needed due to dry and often sensitive skin which may be caused by some cancer treatments.

Jojoba Massage Oil is a Hypoallergenic

Because 100% Jojoba Massage Oil is just one ingredient, not a conglomeration of a lot of different oils, extracts, scents, and who knows what else, it is hypoallergenic. And for people with sensitive skin this is huge! It also doesn’t clog pores, just another side benefit, so I use it for a facial massage with complete confidence.

Jojoba Massage Oil Just Feels Right

Probably the best reason I know of for choosing 100% Jojoba Massage Oil is for the way it feels. There are so many reasons that I use the product, but for me the bottom line is how it works for massage. I like the sheerness of the product, meaning, I get a really good feel for the tissues beneath my fingers. I feel that I can easily regulate how much glide or friction I can achieve. With oncology massage, it’s a lot about the glide, but not a light and tickly touch. There needs to be full contact with a gentle, smooth glide, and I can get that using jojoba.

I have tried other products and find that I have to reapply much more often which really disrupts my flow. And speaking about me and my flow, I like that my own hands and arms don’t feel greasy and sticky after using jojoba. Yes, sometimes it IS about us, the massage therapists!! It’s great to be able to use a product that I love to have on MY skin. It’s a big deal, because who’s up to their elbows (literally) in skin lubricant on a daily basis… yup, you got it, we massage therapists!!

So keeping on thinking those deep massage thoughts, and sometimes gently gliding massage thoughts. But consider trying 100% Jojoba Massage Oil. You may discover a new delight in your life! Think deeply about what you are putting on your skin and your clients’. Oh, did I mention, HobaCare Jojoba comes in both Pesticide Free and Organic? So there’s even less unwanted “stuff” getting in through your skin. Deep massage thoughts!

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