The Original Jojoba Company produces the highest quality jojoba extract in the world with our HobaCare products.

Farmed directly from a single source, our premium jojoba is deeply moisturizing and compatible for all skin types of all ages.

Hobacare by The Jojoba Company

The Original Jojoba Company is the only company in the world producing a First-Press quality jojoba where we emphasize quality over quantity in our specifications for pressing the jojoba seeds. Because we only press the best from the seed, pure HobaCare Jojoba feels light on the skin, absorbs quickly, and has a naturally light scent – far superior to all other jojoba on the market today.

Jojoba is an excellent face and body moisturizer for all skin types and ages, and it also conditions and smooths hair and beards. Pure HobaCare Jojoba is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


Our 100% pure jojoba is expeller pressed from carefully selected jojoba seeds.

HobaCare Organic

Our organic jojoba meets and exceeds the USDA Organic standards.

HobaCare Baby

The same wonderful jojoba but with a pump for when your hands are full.

From our Farms to You

Other companies source jojoba from around the world, singularly focused on finding the lowest cost. Not us. Alongside our farmers, we’re a small vertically integrated company that harvests our jojoba directly from a single source: our own farms. Without a middleman, we are there from seed planting to HobaCare bottling.  

Our farmers lead our co-op. Collectively invested in innovation and sustainable practices, our farmers discover, share, and implement the ways to produce jojoba that’s best for our workers, the environment, and you.

What is Jojoba?

Jojoba (pronounced ho-HO-ba) extract, while commonly referred to as “jojoba oil,” is actually a liquid wax. The liquid wax esters in jojoba are the closest thing in the plant world to the sebum our skin produces. That’s why jojoba is truly for everyone. 

With an indefinite shelf life, jojoba is nontoxic, nonallergenic, noncomedogenic, and compatible for all skin types of all ages. Most importantly, it makes your skin feel amazing. 

Want to learn more about jojoba?


Are you a professional or manufacturer that needs HobaCare?

HobaCare offers the most superior jojoba products on the market today. It’s why skin care professionals, massage therapists, and manufacturers rely on our pure HobaCare Jojoba premium products to extend this best quality promise to their customers.

In addition to wholesale/bulk quantity purchasing options for our jojoba oil, we also offer our HobaCare Retail Starter Kit:

HobaCare Retail Starter Kit

The HobaCare Retail Starter Kit will get your retail sales off the ground at an amazing discount. Share the love of HobaCare Jojoba with your clients and customers today!

Each Hobacare Retail Starter Kit contains:

  • Six 4.22 fl oz bottles
  • Six 8.44 fl oz bottles
  • One 1 fl oz tester bottle
  • 12 brochures
  • FREE SHIPPING on the kit!

HobaCare Blog

We love jojoba, and we know you do, too. Our blog brings you the best and latest across our production, DIY recipes, interviews, and lots of details about the many uses and benefits of jojoba!

Massage Therapy

Interview #1 with Allissa Haines of ABMP Podcast

What would you say is the #1 reason you use HobaCare in your practice?

It’s simple and eliminates fear. Once you learn how much of the product to use (way, WAY less than you think) it’s all a no-brainer. Non-allergenic, nut-free, and great for sensitive skin means I don’t have worry about harming a client inadvertently.

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HobaCare Jojoba is your winter skin BFF! Simply massage a few drops of jojoba into skin after showering. Cover all skin, from head to toe! Jojoba is noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores. Jojoba is safe even for the most sensitive skin. PS - it’s also great for dry hair and to keep static away! #HobaCare #jojoba #naturalskincare
We get asked a lot of questions about how/when and what type of skin conditions can be helped by using HobaCare Jojoba. “Can you use jojoba oil for acne?” is one of the most common. The answer is a resounding YES!
Jojoba is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it highly beneficial for inflammatory skin conditions including acne. Recent studies show that it’s as effective in decreasing inflammation as a topical steroid. Jojoba also has anti-aging and wound healing properties, making it the ideal product for your skin, even delicate facial skin. The high content of wax esters makes jojoba oil a good repair option for those with conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczematous dermatitis, and acne. These are just a few of the qualities that make it very effective for those trying to treat acne naturally. Using jojoba oil for acne is one of the most natural treatment options you’ll find. Read the full article on our blog. #naturalacnetreatment #jojoba #HobeCare
Got a minute? Leave a review! Reviews are so important, they help new customers make decisions while also highlighting all the many benefits & uses for HobaCare Jojoba. If you haven’t left a review on our website head on over and let us and others know why you love HobaCare! #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
Buy One 8 oz Get a second 8 oz for $7: receive one additional 8 oz bottle for $7 for every bottle purchased at the regular price HobaCare or HobaCare Organic, HobaCare Baby, HobaCare Baby Organic up to 5 bottles total for the $7 price. One bottle must be purchased at regular price for every $7 bottle (i.e. purchase 3 bottles regular price, get 3 additional bottles for $7 each) Does not apply to wholesale quantities. Offer applies to all single 8 oz bottles ordered from Sale includes both HobaCare, HobaCare Organic, both bottles for each offer must be all the same SKU (example: buy one 8 oz HobaCare Organic & get one 8 oz HobaCare Organic for $7). Customers must add 2 bottles of the same SKU to cart to get the $7 item (special price on every other bottle is automatically added to cart). All other sizes of HobaCare are NOT included in this sale. Offer valid on purchases made between January 10, 2023 9 am EST and January 16, 2023 11:59 EST only, no adjustments to prior purchases. NO LIMIT on the number of sale bottles allowed. Cannot be combined with other coupons/offers. Not valid on wholesale quantities. No adjustments to prior purchases.
New blog post up. Awhile ago, we interviewed Allissa Haines from Haines Massage and one of the hosts of the @abmpmassage podcast. She also is one of the founders of @massagebusinessblueprint #jojobacompany #hobacare #jojoba
Why is HobaCare Jojoba is the BEST beard oil? There are SO MANY properties that make Jojoba the perfect beard oil, we could go on and on, but we will stick to the most important.

The two top reasons jojoba is the best beard oil is that it CONDITIONS and SOFTENS both the facial skin and facial hair. We have a special Beard Care Bundle, available for a limited time. Available in HobaCare and HobaCare Organic. See link in profile.
Our offices are closed because the big storm knocked out our power, internet, & phones. Orders will go out when we get the office back up and running. Until then we will be trying to eek out a bit of work from home with cell phones (with cat friends helping). #maine #storm
Can you use jojoba oil on dogs & cats? Yes you can! Animals often have sensitivities, especially skin sensitivities. Using a non-toxic product like HobaCare Jojoba for dogs and cats is important to avoid adding additional environmental toxins. Is jojoba oil toxic to cats or other animals? Jojoba is nontoxic and nonallergenic (the extract is pressed from a seed, not a nut, and is safe for humans, dogs, and cats alike). Jojoba also has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. We’ve heard from many pet owners throughout the years that jojoba is fantastic for soothing and healing hot spots and other skin issues in pets. #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil #naturalpetcare
HobaCare Jojoba makes the perfect carrier for essential oils. Since jojoba has a high level of oxidative stability, studies show that it raises the stability of other ingredients it is mixed with. This means jojoba will help maintain the quality of your essential oil blends for a longer period of time than other carriers. #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #essentialoils

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