How to Save Money On Personal Body and Skincare by Switching to Jojoba Oil

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jojoba oil for the perfect shave

ONE Product, Multiple Uses! As prices creep higher and higher, we are all looking for ways to spend a little less on the products we use daily. This is where HobaCare can help! Did you know that jojoba oil can replace a wide variety of personal care products? The result is that you can streamline your personal care routine and save money at the same time! By helping you eliminate the need for lots of different body and skincare products, your cabinets will be less cluttered as well – and who doesn’t love a less cluttered space all while saving on your personal care budget?  

The golden rule of jojoba oil is “A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY”, which is why it’s such an amazing value. Unlike most moisturizers & lotions that contains A LOT of water, which just evaporates, jojoba is a concentrated product. That means you save money because significantly less jojoba oil is needed than the products you are replacing. For example it will probably takes less than teaspoon to cover your entire body and you won’t need to reapply several times a day. One small bottle of jojoba oil will last for a long time. Remember to keep a bottle of HobaCare in each bathroom so everyone in the family can benefit from the natural qualities of HobaCare Jojoba and you can benefit from a few extra dollars in your pocket. 

Let’s talk about some of the products you a replace with 100% naturally nourishing HobaCare Jojoba oil. We have in-depth blog posts on most of these uses, if you want to get more into the details head on over to our blog and search or read.  

Let’s start with all the facial products that can be replaced with our versatile jojoba oil skincare product. Not only is it an amazing NATURAL SKIN CONDITIONER & MOISTURIZER, it can also be used in many other ways. Jojoba oil REMOVES MAKEUP safely, even eye makeup without drying or stripping skin of its barrier. In fact, it soothes and nourishes skin while it deep cleaning. 

Jojoba oil can also be used for FACIAL CLEANSING. Many people use jojoba for facial cleansing using the oil cleansing method. Many people find this method beneficial for maintaining the natural skin barrier and reducing dryness. Jojoba oil SOOTHES IRRITATED SKIN and can be highly beneficial for those with acne-prone skin, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin issues. 

Jojoba oil is also a fantastic PRE/POST SHAVE OIL because it lubricates the skin and reduces inflammation and razor burn. In addition to being a great BEARD CONDITIONER. Jojoba oil will also soothe and condition the face underneath the beard eliminating the dry flakiness that can be very common after maintaining a beard for a while. These are just a few of the uses for jojoba when it comes to skincare, keep reading for other uses. 

Next, we will move on to all the ways jojoba can be used on hair & bald heads. Jojoba makes a fantastic hair serum, it naturally SEALS THE HAIR FOLLICLE helping maintain manageability. Jojoba can also be used as a DEEP CONDITIONER to help reduce split ends and reduce damage from sun & heat exposure. Many people find jojoba to be a great natural FRIZZ REDUCER, the best part is that it nourishes hair while doing it, which means less frizz in the future. Some even say that jojoba helps hair grow, give it a try and see if it helps.

When it comes to BALD HEADS, jojoba will give the scalp a radiant glow and will minimize flakiness. It provides all the same benefits listed above for facial skin. Whether you are bald from natural causes, chemotherapy, or by choice, our versatile jojoba oil skincare product will become your bestie to make that scalp radiant!

Moving on, we will discuss how jojoba can be used for body care. The easiest switch to make is to REPLACE YOUR BODY LOTION with HobaCare jojoba. Not only will you use it significantly less and save money, you’ll have to use it less often. Unlike traditional moisturizers that float on top of the skin and are rinsed or rubbed off throughout the day, our skin recognizes jojoba and absorbs it.  One small bottle of jojoba will last longer than several large bottles of lotion. Jojoba oil will not leave the skin feeling heavy or greasy and is generally considered an optimal ingredient for use in acne and oily skin care products. Jojoba makes a valuable PRE-SHAVE OIL as well, it helps reduce razor burn and soothes irritated skin.

Let’s talk about the nursery –> HobaCare Baby Jojoba Oil can replace many of the body and skincare products you’re using on the little ones in your household. Replace baby oil and baby lotion with all natural HobaCare Jojoba. Jojoba will not only CONDITION & MOISTURIZE delicate baby skin, it also HELPS REDUCE THE SYMPTOMS OF CRADLE CAP AND DIAPER RASH as well. Jojoba is the perfect natural alternative to traditional baby products. We even came up with a special label for our HobaCare Baby because so many parents loved it as a baby care product. 

IS JOJOBA SAFE TO USE DURING PREGNANCY? Yes, jojoba is non-toxic and non-allergenic. In fact many mothers to be start using HobaCare Jojoba Oil during pregnancy to keep that skin supple and reduce the risk of stretch marks. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you aren’t putting anything harsh or full of chemicals on your skin putting you or your baby at risk. 

Given that jojoba has less that 3% triglyceride content it is highly resistant to oxidation, which allows you to BUY IN BULK AND SAVE because you can use it over a longer period of time. This means that you can purchase enough to last for a year or two without fear that it will go rancid or get an “off” smell or turn tacky or sticky. We recommend the 32 oz or the 64 oz for families and a few dispensers to refill. 

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