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HobaCare Baby
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HobaCare Baby is our pure, first-press, unrefined golden jojoba. The label tells you that our pure jojoba oil is for everyone, babies included.

HobaCare Baby is non-allergenic, does not clog pores, does not stain, and does not turn rancid.

Use our jojoba oil after a bath and after each diaper change for your baby’s eczema, dry, chafed, irritated, and sensitive skin. Give your baby a soothing massage. HobaCare Jojoba Oil Baby relieves cradle cap. And remember, it’s for the whole family. And remember, it’s for the whole family.

3 reviews for HobaCare Baby

  1. Hannah B.

    We saw astonishing results after only using this product 2x on my daughter’s cradle cap. The HobaCare Baby Organic Oil not only banished the Cradle Cap, but has kept it at bay for over a month!
    10/10: Would recommend this product.

  2. Ciara (verified owner)

    The best oil for babies! My baby had really bad cradle cap and eczema, cleared it up!

  3. Erica Laureano (verified owner)

    This is magic in a bottle. I use it on my baby for baby acne cleared it up. Diaper rash cleared it up. Cradle cap cleared it up. The best oil around.

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