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Using Jojoba

Oh, let us count the ways we love to use jojoba!

Actually, that list would be too long, so we’ll make it short and sweet. 

Everyone loves jojoba. It feels amazing on the skin (probably because it’s the closest thing in the plant world to our skin’s sebum), it’s nontoxic, nonallergenic, noncomedogenic, it’s non-staining to natural fibers, and it has an infinite shelf life. 

Harvesting our jojoba directly from a single source of our farms, we’re the best producer of the highest quality jojoba extract in the world with our HobaCare products: HobaCare, HobaCare Organic, HobaCare Baby, and HobaCare Baby Organic.

Even after growing and selling jojoba for close to 30 years, we’re still delighted to learn about new uses and applications on a regular basis! Here’s just some of the most popular ways we love to use jojoba:

If you have any questions on the many uses and benefits of jojoba, or our HobaCare products, it’s our favorite thing to talk about!