More Ways To Use HobaCare Jojoba

What is HobaCare Jojoba? We are so glad you asked…Our pure, unrefined First-Press quality jojoba extract is a wonderful product for so many applications, keep reading to find out how YOU can benefit from adding it to your life. *Blue text is linked to blog posts or articles with more in depth information.*

First & foremost use it on your skin! HobaCare is uniquely compatible with the skin, making it the perfect natural moisturizer oil for your face and body. To start, massage a few drops of jojoba into your skin after stepping out of the shower and toweling off. Use it head to toe, for a typical person a teaspoon of of jojoba should cover all skin. Add a few drops to your palm, then massage into each body part, allowing your skin to soak it up before dressing.

The Golden Rule of HobaCare is A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! Jojoba is a lightweight, natural moisturizer and will absorb into, instead of sitting on top of, the skin. Your skin will only absorb as much as it needs, if all of the jojoba applied didn’t absorb, simply towel off any excess (jojoba washes out of natural fabrics) and remember to use a bit less next time. 

Is HobaCare right for your skin type? YES! Pure jojoba extract is non-allergenic, non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores), and is the closest plant ingredient to the sebum we all produce naturally to protect our skin.

If you have dry skin, jojoba will be an AMAZING addition to your routine and help to replenish moisture levels.  

If you have oily skin, jojoba will help balance oil production in your pores and help cleanse the pores. As for sensitive skin, jojoba is probably going to be your NEW BEST FRIEND.

Since HobaCare Jojoba helps keep dry skin at bay – use head to toe, like you would any natural moisturizing oil! While you’re at it, if you have a couple of extra seconds, give your muscles a little massage along the way (have you tried abhayanga? if not read our guide).

Speaking of massage, if you go to a massage therapist, consider taking them our brochure and have them contact us for a free sample. HobaCare is the Golden Standard of single-ingredient massage mediums. We are well-loved as a massage product in spas, salons, and private practices – LMTs greatly appreciate that our jojoba does not go rancid, will not stain natural fiber sheets, and most importantly is safe for each client’s skin. And clients love that they don’t feel greasy or sticky after their massage – simply pampered! We are even sought out by medical massage clinics and oncology estheticians as a safe product for health-challenged skin.

If you care for a baby or child – reach for your jojoba! HobaCare is perfect for the most sensitive of skin and helps to soothe cradle cap, diaper rash, etc. It makes a lovely choice to give that little one a gentle, soothing infant massage, free of any irritating synthetic fragrance or mystery chemical ingredients.

That said, some of us want a scent experience with our skincare products! In that case, jojoba is your best choice as an aromatherapy carrier for essential oils or a base to make an herbal infusion with. Not only that, you can use jojoba in a myriad of DIY skincare projects, like salves, soaps, lip balms, salt scrubs, beard oils, and more!

But you don’t need to add anything fancy to jojoba in order to use it as a natural moisturizing beard oil. HobaCare works as an effective beard conditioner on its own – just massage into your beard to tame and add healthy shine and conditioning. The same goes for using for your hair. HobaCare works particularly well for thicker, dry, color treated, curly and/or afro textured hair as a conditioner. If you have very fine hair, jojoba may be too heavy feeling. Some use as a leave in conditioner to add shine and definition to curls, while others put a couple of drops in their palm of shampoo and rinse it out. For rejuvenating scalp treatment, massage into your scalp, wrap your head up in a towel and give it some time to absorb before washing  it out. Jojoba oil can be used before and/or after shaving or waxing to prevent and soothe razor burn and irritation.

Need something safe around the eyes? HobaCare is gentle and effective for make-up removal , including for mascara. Put a few drops of jojoba onto a cotton pad or face cloth and gently hold on your eyelids/lashes for a few seconds to soak in/warm up and wipe away that day’s pretty paint. You can cleanse as usual and return to your jojoba as your moisturizer. Or if you prefer the method of oil cleansing, use jojoba! It may not be an oil, but acts as well as, if not better than using oils for such a purpose.

That’s quite a lot of uses for one’s skin and hair. Did you know jojoba is also used as a wood conditioner? Yes, it makes for a non-toxic conditioner for wooden cutting boards, childrens wooden toys, furniture and garden tools. With your tools, jojoba can be applied to metal as well for rust prevention. Have some leather boots, garden gloves or a handbag that needs new life? HobaCare can help you there, too. In any of these applications, start on a small corner to see how it may darken the shade of the material you’re using it on.

How about our furry friends? Maybe your dog has a hot spot or your cat has irritated skin – jojoba is non-toxic to pets (and humans) and can be applied to skin in need. We even have businesses purchase our jojoba as an ingredient in their coat conditioners for show livestock.

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