HobaCare Organic Jojoba Oil – 128 oz Professional Size


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Jojoba is uniquely compatible with the skin, making it the ideal medium for gua sha, abhayanga, and oil cleansing. Not only will your body, mind, and spirit benefit from these rituals, your skin will be soft, silky, and nourished as well!

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HobaCare Organic Jojoba is the natural choice for massage therapists and estheticians of all modalities because it’s non-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and because it’s NOT an oil. Because jojoba is not actually an oil but a wax ester, it leaves clients’ skin feeling naturally conditioned and not greasy.  When clients start asking what you’re using on their skin, upgrade your office with our Retail Starter Pack. It’s not only paraben and fragrance free, but it’s also non-allergenic, which makes it gentle and safe enough for oncology and infant massage. Jojoba is also a fantastic choice because it washes off natural fiber linens and is easily removed from equipment, saving you in the long run. 

Our gallons are also the choice of consumers that want to save by buying in bulk, it’s the least expensive cost per ounce of all of our bottles. Given that jojoba has less that 3% triglyceride content it is highly resistant to oxidation, which allows you to buy in bulk and use it over a longer period of time.  Easily refill dispensers with this gallon size (pump available and extra dispensers available separately).

I have been a massage therapist for 11 years and I will only use HobaCare jojoba products, it is simply superior to the rest! While it is wonderful on its own, it makes a great carrier “oil”. I also like to infuse herbs into the jojoba to make healing salves. Jojoba is beneficial in so many ways and HobaCare provides a top quality pure product that has remained consistent over the years. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Shayna Cotour

We’ve been a HobaCare customer for years. We absolutely LOVE the quality, purity, performance, and great, friendly customer service. HobaCare does not oxidize or turn rancid, has an indefinite shelf life and heat does not affect it. Unlike oils, HobaCare can stand up to heating and re-heating. HobaCare also does not require refrigeration. (Just make sure you leave the bottle TIGHTLY capped to avoid the oil picking up any room scents.) We love HobaCare so much we apply it head to toe! Many of our patients ask about HobaCare when they come in for a massage. Fragrance-free and perfect to use as a carrier for your favorite essential oil. Thank You

Tom Sullivan

I buy in gallon size to divide and give to family and friends. Love that jojoba has a long shelf life. 

I suffered with eczema and allergic reactions to skin products. Jojoba is wonderful. I can use it on my skin, for make up removal and for my hair.  I now spread the word about The Jojoba Company.

Mary Ann Heath


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