Massage Therapy

Interview #1 with Allissa Haines of ABMP Podcast

What would you say is the #1 reason you use HobaCare in your practice?

It’s simple and eliminates fear. Once you learn how much of the product to use (way, WAY less than you think) it’s all a no-brainer. Non-allergenic, nut-free, and great for sensitive skin means I don’t have worry about harming a client inadvertently.

black woman doing facial gua sha massage with pink stone

Jojoba Oil For Gua Sha Massage

A lot of my clients have sensitive skin. Other massage mediums I have tried with a variety of added ingredients tend to be irritating.  I always go back to jojoba oil for gua sha for this reason.  I like something plain and simple.  HobaCare Jojoba oil provides the perfect slip and it actually calms the skin.  Clients often say they like the smell!

jojoba oil for salt stone massage

Jojoba Oil for Salt Stone Massage

When our stones arrive in the US we finish them off with a final sanding and sealing with HobaCare Jojoba – we find that the qualities of the Jojoba seeds delicate waxy nature helps to seal and smooth the salt stones far better than just a traditional oil.

jojoba oil as a massage medium

Jojoba Oil as a Massage Medium, a Great Interview

What I explain to my clients about jojoba when they ask “what is it?” is that it’s a seed extract and I let them know its non-toxic, it’s non-allergenic, I use it safely on myself and I use it safely on clients that have sensitive skin, auto immune disorders, pregnancy – anyone who is highly conscious of what goes onto their skin, as everyone should be.

using 100% jojoba massage oil on back massage

100% Jojoba Massage Oil – A Naturally Superior Product

Probably the best reason I know of for choosing 100% Jojoba Massage Oil is for the way it feels. There are so many reasons that I use the product, but for me the bottom line is how it works for massage. I like the sheerness of the product, meaning, I get a really good feel for the tissues beneath my fingers. I feel that I can easily regulate how much glide or friction I can achieve. With oncology massage, it’s a lot about the glide, but not a light and tickly touch. There needs to be full contact with a gentle, smooth glide, and I can get that using jojoba.


Self Care for the Massage Therapist

Often when I see articles about self care I skip over them because they make me feel guilty. Guilty you say? About What? Well the

Oncology Patient Sits by a window

Massage Therapy For Oncology Patients

In massage school, I was taught not to massage people that had cancer. I translated this to, people with cancer can/should not receive massage. What

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