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Other companies source jojoba from around the world, singularly focused on finding the lowest cost. Not us. Alongside our farmers, we’re a small vertically integrated company that harvests our jojoba directly from a single source: our own farms. Without a middleman, we are there from planting to HobaCare bottling. 

Our farmers lead our co-op. Collectively invested in innovation and sustainable practices, our farmers discover, share, and implement the ways to produce jojoba that’s best for our workers, the environment, and for you. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #jojoba
I have been using HobaCare for years 
& I love it! It is the only product 
I use for the face & body! I have another use to share with heals cradle cap! My son had it and I would rub jojoba on his head, then comb 
through his hair. Thank you! -Debra Peters #veganbaby #HobaCare #JojobaCompany
HobaCare Baby will gently strengthen and nourish your baby’s delicate, sensitive skin and scalp without risk of adverse reactions. Jojoba’s natural properties also help soothe inflammation, making it ideal for use after each diaper change. HobaCare Baby is our 100% pure, unrefined golden jojoba in a special pump bottle for added convenience.  #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil
Our Beard Care Combo includes: 
4 oz bottle of HobaCare (regular or organic) + FREE limited edition wooden beard comb ***available only while supplies last*** #hobacare #jojobacompany #veganbeard
The natural properties of HobaCare Jojoba help support the skin’s natural barrier function and protects against dryness. Quick to absorb, yet still nourishing, HobaCare will leave skin silky, soft, and nurtured. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil
Buy Two, Get One Free
4 & 8 oz sizes
Includes HobaCare, HobaCare Organic, & HobaCare Baby — now through Saturday
HobaCare is your best friend when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized and conditioned during the cold, dry winter months. Apply HobaCare Jojoba to entire body after each shower and apply a few drops to any skin exposed to the elements before heading out on a winter hike, ski, snowshoe, or other outdoor activity. #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
LAST CALL for Holiday Gift Packs ----> They're only available through December 10! Our Holiday Gift Packs are a convenient & easy way to share the love of HobaCare with friends & family this holiday season.  #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
Did you know the $20 off per gallon during our Thankful Sale can be combined with our tiered discounts on gallons? Save even more by stocking up on gallons during this sale! #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
Thankful Sale, save 20% off retails sizes: 1, 4, 8, 32 oz bottles, $10 off half-gallons & $20 off gallons--->sale valid through Dec 1 #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #veganskincare
This is our fourth year for our holiday gift packs. They have been an enormous success, and we heard story after story of the joy they have spread. Once again, we’re making it easy for you to share the love of jojoba and take the hassle out of holiday gifting.

Each gift pack includes a 1 oz bottle of jojoba, a lovely cotton gift bag with a beautiful gift tag, and a coupon for future purchases where you can enter your referral code that you create on our website. They will get 20% off, and you will get $10 worth of Jojoba Seed Rewards. As an added bonus, you will receive Free Shipping on the gift packs! #jojobacompany #HobeCare #veganskincare
HobaCare is the perfect versatile product for your spa! One product that is adaptable & effective for the spectrum of modalities. From deep tissue, relaxation and hot stone to infant, medical and oncology massage. Non-comedogenic for facial massage. HobaCare is one, pure ingredient, a seed extract that is naturally non-allergenic and safe for all skin types.  #spa #VeganSkincare #HobaCare #jojobacompany
HobaCare soothes and restores elasticity to any dry skin area while conditioning and softening the skin.  Start using HobaCare daily from head to toe to keep flaky dry winter skin away! #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #veganskincare
For daily conditioning, apply HobaCare all over the body immediately after bathing. Apply it after toweling off, while the skin is still damp, but not wet. Massage the product vigorously into the skin to ensure absorption. Allow the ambient air to dry the skin after application. Apply HobaCare from time to time during the day, especially on elbows, knees, calves, feet or other areas prone to dryness. HobaCare Jojoba soothes and conditions sun- or wind-burned skin. #jojobaoil #HobaCare #JojobaCompany
All set for @natprodexpo —-> come see us at booth 3117 #expoeast #naturalproducts #naturalproductsexpo
“I’ve been buying this product for many years and use mostly Jojoba in my massage practice. The Original Jojoba Company is also the only place I would buy it.  I absolutely love this product!” -Renee Passalacqua Setaro #massage #HobaCare
Whether you need one bottle or 10,000 bottles, we've got your HobaCare needs covered! All of our bottles are filled, labeled, packaged, and shipped from our facility in Washington, Maine. #HobaCare #jojobaoil
Looking forward to the second day of the @amtamassage national convention in Cleveland. If you’re here, stop by and say hi!
It may be warm outside, but we are gearing up for the holiday season in the office. Our ever popular Holiday Gift packs will be back again this year (some of you have been asking about ordering). We are busy sourcing all the supplies to get these ready to start shipping this fall. Start making your list of all the people you want to gift a little bottle of golden sunshine to and stay tuned for availability. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare
HobaCare Baby is non-allergenic, does not clog pores, does not stain, and does not turn rancid.

Use it after a bath & after each diaper change to soothe dry, chafed, irritated, and sensitive skin. Give your baby a soothing massage. HobaCare Baby relieves cradle cap. And remember, it’s for the whole family. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #babyskincare
This afternoon, Brian is chatting with @allissahaines as a guest on the @massagebusinessblueprint podcast, we will let you know when the episode is published so you can listen. The Original Jojoba Company has been a proud sponsor of Massage Business Blueprint for many years. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #massage
With an indefinite shelf life, HobaCare Jojoba is nontoxic, nonallergenic, noncomedogenic, and compatible for all skin types of all ages. Most importantly, it makes your skin feel amazing.  #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil
Rest assured that the HobaCare you buy on Amazon is the same quality you will find when you buy directly from us!  #HobaCare #jojobaoil #JojobaCompany
Thanks for sharing the love of jojoba, we appreciate you all for your kind reviews!

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
Happy Father's Day to all the Father figures in your life. 

Our Hobacare Jojoba & our Hobacare Organic Jojoba is a great last minute gift idea & perfect for personal care including shaving, massage, conditioning skin & more. 

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
If it was solely based on how HobaCare and HobaCare Organic feel on the skin, it would be impossible to know!

We provide first-press, unrefined, golden, pesticide-free jojoba that has all been processed in accordance with organic standards. We just can't certify the non-organic HobaCare Jojoba and HobaCare Baby because the fields this jojoba comes from are either in transition to organic or because the farmers use a commercial fertilizer on these shrubs. But all of our jojoba is free from pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides regardless of certification status!

Our 100% certified HobaCare Organic Jojoba has been grown and processed in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program.

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
Two peas in a pod. Just like you & your best friend. 😀

Happy National Best Friend Day. Surprise your friend with a new addition to their skincare routine, beard care, hair conditioner & more. 

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
Today is National Cancer Survivors Day, when we celebrate the courageous lives of all those diagnosed with cancer. 

We are honored HobaCare Jojoba is chosen by oncology professionals and patients as a safe and soothing skincare product and massage medium for fragile skin. Oncology massage can be a wonderful way to benefit one’s quality of life, manage symptoms, and help the body to relax. 

The Original Jojoba Company is proud to partner with Society For Oncology Massage and Oncology Spa Solutions. We also support Unite For Her, Greet The Day, Massage CE Advantage and Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center by providing our product for professional trainings, special events, and care boxes. We can’t say enough about all the work these organizations do! 

May we all find ways, large or small, to lend our care to someone on a journey with cancer. 

#NationalCancerSurvivorsDay #jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
June is here 🌸 we are halfway through the year & heading into the summer season. 

As the summer sun graces us with its presence, we encourage all of you to protect your skin this summer. If sunburn does occur, use our jojoba oil to:
1. soothe
2. restore moisture
3. promote skin healing

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
Our Jojoba is for everyone, even babies! Here are the many uses of HobaCare Baby: 

1. After a bath
2. After each diaper change
3. To soothe dry, chafed, irritated skin
4. Give your baby a soothing massage
5. To remove cradle cap 

Learn more at the link in our bio!
#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincare #hobacarebaby
HobaCare Jojoba can give you the perfect shave. Here’s how!

1. apply a drop or two to your palms
2. rub jojoba between palms
3. massage into skin
4. wash your hands to remove jojoba for a better razor grip
5. lather well with a quality shave soap
6. shave as usual! 
7. rinse skin & apply a few more drops of jojoba!
HobaCare Jojoba at Golden Hour 🌞

The weather is warming up & we encourage all of our followers to protect your skin this summer. If sunburn does occur, use our jojoba oil to soothe, restore moisture, and promote skin healing.
Share with us! 

How do you HobaCare & what are your favorite uses of HobaCare Jojoba Oil?

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincareproduct
April Showers brought us the best May Flowers. 🌸

Thinking about buying jojoba oil going into the summer season? Visit our website to learn about the many uses of HobaCare Jojoba!

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincare #mayflowers
HobaCare for pets?! 

Yes, it is safe to use on your animal friends! 

One reviewer said, “My oldest dog was at the vets, they discovered a hotspot. The vet prescribed some antibiotics, but I didn’t see fast healing. After reading that the jojoba oil had healing properties & it was not toxic for animals, I treated my dog’s inflamed area. Within days, I noticed improvement. It was a lifesaver! I even use it as a general conditioner in these dry winter conditions for our dog’s coat.” 

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincare
Thanks for sharing in our love of jojoba oil 💚

We always appreciate hearing how much you & your clients love HobaCare Jojoba!

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HobaCare Jojoba is the only first-press quality jojoba available. First-press is a light pressing of the jojoba seeds with key benefits being:

1. Lighter on the skin
2. Less scent 
& 3. Easily absorbed

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincare
Thank you for the kind reviews & for using our product in your business. We love hearing how it has benefited your company & customers! 

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincare
Whether you are using it for your business or personal care, we have all sizes of our Hobacare Jojoba & our Hobacare Organic Jojoba on our website. 

What do you use your Hobacare Jojoba for?!

#jojobaoil #hobacare #jojobacompany #healthyskincare #organicskincare
Want to see if our product is right for you?! 

Here is the beginners guide to using HobaCare Jojoba!