The Original Jojoba Company, providing 100% Pure Jojoba Extract direct from the farms. Simple, natural moisturizer for skin, scalp, & hair.

ONE Product, Multiple Uses. Streamline your personal care routine and save $ by using HobaCare Jojoba. #HobaCare #jojobacompany #naturalskincare
Don't take our word for it, take theirs! Thanks for all the 5 star reviews!
Adding jojoba to a clay face mask has been shown to help reduce acne. Head on over to our blog to read more about using jojoba for acne and for an acne face mask recipe.
I have been using this product for my massage business for almost 10 years & would never change! My clients like it. It’s hydrating & gentle on the skin. Great for cupping! I use it on my face & as a mix with essential oils. The best! - Molly Rose Smith #jojobaoil #HobaCare #jojobacompany
Jojoba is an amazing skincare product, but there are many of its properties that make it valuable for many different applications. Leather conditioning is one of those fringe uses that more and more people are finding it useful for. Recently, we received a fantastic email from one of our customers that makes western saddles. He uses jojoba to protect and condition the leather on his beautiful saddles. Head on over to our blog to read his in depth review of jojoba for leather conditioning & preservation. #HobaCare #Jojobacompany #jojoba #naturalleather
One of the most asked questions we get on social and on our customer care line is “What makes organic different?” Our Certified 100% HobaCare Organic Jojoba & HobaCare Baby Organic have been grown & processed in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program. HobaCare Jojoba comes from fields that are often in transition to organic. The biggest difference is the fertilizer used on the fields. Organic fields use an organic compost based fertilizer and conventional uses a traditional fertilizer. Do you shop for certified organic products?
HobaCare Baby Jojoba will gently strengthen and nourish your baby’s sensitive skin and scalp without risk of adverse reactions. Jojoba’s natural anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe inflammation, applied after each diaper change it can help avoid diaper rash. Jojoba is also the best natural treatment for cradle cap, read more on our blog. HobaCare Baby is our 100% pure, unrefined golden jojoba in a special pump bottle for added convenience. We also have certified organic HobaCare Baby Jojoba. #hobacare #jojobacompany #jojobaoil
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Did you know that jojoba is also a great hair conditioner? There are a variety of ways you can use it on your hair. Use as a deep leave in conditioner overnight or add a few drops to palms and massage onto hair started at ends first a little conditioning.  It’s also great to help reduce static in the winter.
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Jojoba is a tricky word. If you’ve heard us pronounce it during a phone conversation or at a trade show, you probably know that the “J” in jojoba is a Spanish “J” and is pronounced like the English “H”, as in “ho ho ba”. This is one the reasons our golden jojoba is branded “HobaCare”. #jojobacompany #HobaCare #jojobaoil
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Jojoba extract is not an oil but a liquid wax ester with less than 3% triglyceride content; thus it is highly resistant to oxidation and has an almost indefinite shelf life. It is composed of almost 98% pure waxes, sterols, and vitamins with a few triglyceride esters. This is what makes it a wax rather than an oil. Many people label it as an “oil” because it acts similarly in cosmetica applications. Besides being an amazing 100% safe & natural product for skin, scalp, & hair, its virtually indefinite shelf life makes it worthwhile to purchase larger containers to save money. #jojoba #HobaCare #jojobacompany
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Here comes the SUN! Here in Maine the sun is starting to get some warmth to it and we are all very excited to peel off our parkas & put on our tank tops. The sun can wreak as much havoc on our skin as the cold winter air so don’t forget to apply HobaCare every night and every morning. Jojoba can soothe skin after a little too much sun due to the anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to that, studies show that jojoba helps reduce UV damage to collagen, which is HUGELY beneficial for your skin and keeping those wrinkles away. HobaCare is your favorite skin soother during both the dry winter months and this sweet sun kissed days of summer! #jojoba #HobaCare
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HobaCare Jojoba is your winter skin BFF! Simply massage a few drops of jojoba into skin after showering. Cover all skin, from head to toe! Jojoba is noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores. Jojoba is safe even for the most sensitive skin. PS - it’s also great for dry hair and to keep static away! #HobaCare #jojoba #naturalskincare
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We get asked a lot of questions about how/when and what type of skin conditions can be helped by using HobaCare Jojoba. “Can you use jojoba oil for acne?” is one of the most common. The answer is a resounding YES!
Jojoba is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it highly beneficial for inflammatory skin conditions including acne. Recent studies show that it’s as effective in decreasing inflammation as a topical steroid. Jojoba also has anti-aging and wound healing properties, making it the ideal product for your skin, even delicate facial skin. The high content of wax esters makes jojoba oil a good repair option for those with conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczematous dermatitis, and acne. These are just a few of the qualities that make it very effective for those trying to treat acne naturally. Using jojoba oil for acne is one of the most natural treatment options you’ll find. Read the full article on our blog. #naturalacnetreatment #jojoba #HobeCare
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Got a minute? Leave a review! Reviews are so important, they help new customers make decisions while also highlighting all the many benefits & uses for HobaCare Jojoba. If you haven’t left a review on our website head on over and let us and others know why you love HobaCare! #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
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Buy One 8 oz Get a second 8 oz for $7: receive one additional 8 oz bottle for $7 for every bottle purchased at the regular price HobaCare or HobaCare Organic, HobaCare Baby, HobaCare Baby Organic up to 5 bottles total for the $7 price. One bottle must be purchased at regular price for every $7 bottle (i.e. purchase 3 bottles regular price, get 3 additional bottles for $7 each) Does not apply to wholesale quantities. Offer applies to all single 8 oz bottles ordered from HobaCare.com. Sale includes both HobaCare, HobaCare Organic, both bottles for each offer must be all the same SKU (example: buy one 8 oz HobaCare Organic & get one 8 oz HobaCare Organic for $7). Customers must add 2 bottles of the same SKU to cart to get the $7 item (special price on every other bottle is automatically added to cart). All other sizes of HobaCare are NOT included in this sale. Offer valid on purchases made between January 10, 2023 9 am EST and January 16, 2023 11:59 EST only, no adjustments to prior purchases. NO LIMIT on the number of sale bottles allowed. Cannot be combined with other coupons/offers. Not valid on wholesale quantities. No adjustments to prior purchases.
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New blog post up. Awhile ago, we interviewed Allissa Haines from Haines Massage and one of the hosts of the @abmpmassage podcast. She also is one of the founders of @massagebusinessblueprint #jojobacompany #hobacare #jojoba
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Why is HobaCare Jojoba is the BEST beard oil? There are SO MANY properties that make Jojoba the perfect beard oil, we could go on and on, but we will stick to the most important.

The two top reasons jojoba is the best beard oil is that it CONDITIONS and SOFTENS both the facial skin and facial hair. We have a special Beard Care Bundle, available for a limited time. Available in HobaCare and HobaCare Organic. See link in profile.
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Our offices are closed because the big storm knocked out our power, internet, & phones. Orders will go out when we get the office back up and running. Until then we will be trying to eek out a bit of work from home with cell phones (with cat friends helping). #maine #storm
Can you use jojoba oil on dogs & cats? Yes you can! Animals often have sensitivities, especially skin sensitivities. Using a non-toxic product like HobaCare Jojoba for dogs and cats is important to avoid adding additional environmental toxins. Is jojoba oil toxic to cats or other animals? Jojoba is nontoxic and nonallergenic (the extract is pressed from a seed, not a nut, and is safe for humans, dogs, and cats alike). Jojoba also has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. We’ve heard from many pet owners throughout the years that jojoba is fantastic for soothing and healing hot spots and other skin issues in pets. #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil #naturalpetcare
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HobaCare Jojoba makes the perfect carrier for essential oils. Since jojoba has a high level of oxidative stability, studies show that it raises the stability of other ingredients it is mixed with. This means jojoba will help maintain the quality of your essential oil blends for a longer period of time than other carriers. #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #essentialoils
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Holiday Gift Packs are BACK!!! This year available in 4 oz as well as the usual 1 oz size (both regular & organic). A convenient way to share HobaCare with friends, family, & clients this holiday season. Everyone deserves beautiful skin! 

Each Holiday Gift Pack includes: 
1 or 4 oz HobaCare
Muslin bag
Decorative tag & referral code coupon for you to fill out
+Free Shipping

Available in packs of 6, Buy More Save More - see product listing for details. See profile for link.
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If you’re in the Washington, ME area we are starting a League of Small Businesses. Join us for an informal gathering of area businesses where you can share ideas, ask questions, and build relationships with other small business owners and operators. Join us on October 24 from 6:30-7:30 at @washington_general_store
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Stop by our table at the @commongroundcountryfair this weekend! Grab a bottle of HobaCare while you’re there. #jojobacompany #jojobaoil #HobeCare
HobaCare Baby is the natural choice for protecting and soothing the delicate skin of newborns, infants, and toddlers. HobaCare Jojoba is 100% pure, unrefined golden jojoba from a single source. HobaCare is certified vegan and cruelty free, it’s also petroleum free, hexane free, and doesn’t contain any petroleum additives or artificial scents that can aggravate your baby’s sensitive skin. 
Jojoba is gentle enough to use daily or even several times a day, use just a few drops of jojoba instead of baby oil. Moisturize after baths and shampooing. Apply after each diaper change. Use for comforting infant massage. Soothe irritated skin and scalp. 
HobaCare Baby will gently strengthen and nourish your baby’s sensitive skin and scalp without risk of adverse reactions. Jojoba’s natural anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe inflammation, applied after each diaper change it can help avoid diaper rash. Jojoba is also the best natural treatment for cradle cap, read more here. HobaCare Baby is our 100% pure, unrefined golden jojoba in a special pump bottle for added convenience. 

P.S. We’ve also heard that it helps keep mamma’s skin feeling great as well, relieving itchy stretched skin.
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We took the morning to visit the @dbgphx where we spotted some Jojoba shrubs. Jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) is native to the desert southwest and is an important part of the local ecosystem. We even spotted a rabbit taking refuge from the hot sun in the cool shade of a jojoba thicket. There were still some dried seeds on a few of the plants, you can see the outer brown husk. Naturally we had to get a portrait of Brian in front of one of them. #jojobaoil #JojobaCompany #HobaCare
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We offer Golden Jojoba in a wide variety of sizes to fit any need. This is our collection of personal sizes, starting with a 1 oz travel size going up to a 32 oz size for those using it for aromatherapy, oil cleansing, gua sha, shaving, and for hair. We also offer half and full gallon professional sizes, as well as wholesale cases and 55 gallon drums.  What's your favorite size? #HobaCare #Jojobaoil #JojobaCompany
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At the Washington Maine broadband festival. We are excited about getting better internet for the office early next year. Running an online business with only DSL is a challenge at times, but we make it work because we love being in rural Maine. #maine #community
Over the 29 years that we have been in business, we've heard all manner of jojoba oil misconceptions about jojoba. In fact, barely a week goes by where we don't receive a question about one of these via email, social, or on the phone. One of our main focuses has always been to educate people about the amazing qualities of jojoba and the value of using it as a skin care product and massage medium. 
The top 5 misconceptions about Jojoba are: 

#1 - Jojoba is an oil - it's NOT an oil, it's a liquid wax ester 

#2 Jojoba is a tree nut - its not a nut, it's actually a seed, which is why it's non-allergenic and safe for those with tree nut allergies. 

#3 Jojoba oxidizes or goes rancid - with a triglyceride content of less than 3% it is highly resistant to oxidation and allows it to have an almost indefinite shelf life.

#4 Jojoba is odor free - pure, golden jojoba will have a slight nutty scent when first applies, this disappears quickly and does not linger or interact with other scents or essential oils. 

#5 Jojoba can clog pores - Jojoba is non-comedogenic, it is very close to the sebum that your skin produces, in fact it is so close that your skin recognizes is and absorbs it. 

No doubt there many other jojoba oil misconceptions, we've heard many throughout the years. If you have any questions about jojoba, its natural properties, how to use it, or other questions, don't hesitate to reach out. With nearly 30 years in the jojoba business we here at The Original Jojoba Company are your Jojoba Experts! 

#JojobaCompany #HobaCare #jojobaoil
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It’s very common for people to not know exactly how to pronounce JOJOBA. In fact we get that question ALL THE TIME! Do not feel bad if you’ve been wondering how to pronounce jojoba or have been pronouncing it differently. We hear all manner of pronunciations and see all manner of spellings; from jajoba, jojaba, jojobo, jobajoba, jobola, jobalo, ojoba, to a very French sounding Zho-Zho-Ba once (which we LOVE by the way) and then there are variations that like hoho oil and jakoba. By far the most common misspelling of jojoba is jajoba.
We are a US company (proudly located in Washington, Maine) so we use the American English pronunciation for Jojoba (/həˈhoʊbə/), which is “ho-ho-ba” (see our blog for a more in depth explanation on the US pronunciation of Jojoba). #HobaCare #jojobaoil #JojobaCompany
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Our mini sized bottles of HobaCare Organic Jojoba contain the same high quality golden jojoba extract as our larger bottles and are your perfect travel companion. Don’t leave home without your favorite skin care product! Jojoba can be used as a makeup remover, face & body moisturizer, hair conditioner & frizz reducer, pre/post shave skin treatment, so you'll be able to carry fewer products with you. Since jojoba washes out of natural fibers easily, it's safe to carry in your suitcase when flying. 
These lovely 1 oz bottles of jojoba are also a favorite size for sharing and make great favors for baby showers, bridal showers, teacher gifts... We also offer a case discount when you buy 24, which makes them only $2.25 each. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #jojobaoil
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From seed to bottle. We are the only company in the world producing a First-Press quality jojoba where we emphasize quality over quantity in our specifications for pressing the jojoba seeds. Because we only press the best from the seed, pure HobaCare Jojoba feels light on the skin, absorbs quickly, and has virtually no scent – far superior from all other jojoba on the market. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #jojobaoil
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Our Retail Starter Kits are designed to make it easy for professionals to set up a small retail space. These kits include the items needed to make jojoba available for your clients to purchase easily. It’s currently available at a deeper discount than our usual wholesale cases. Available in both regular & organic. We are also offering Free Shipping on these kits. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare
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Nationally recognized as Cancer Survivor Month, June is the month when  we honor & celebrate the 16.9 million in our country living with a cancer diagnosis. We all know, or love someone who has had cancer touch their lives, or perhaps you are that person right now. The courage it takes to live with such a diagnosis cannot be understated and truly deserves all possible support!

The Original Jojoba Company is a proud partner with Society For Oncology Massage and Oncology Spa Solutions. We also support Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center, Greet The Day, Unite For Her, and Massage CE Advantage by providing our product for professional training, special events and care boxes.

We can’t say enough about all the work these organizations do to care for cancer patients & assist them in managing their physical & emotional experiences. They also prove it is possible to live with connection, meaning, and even joy amidst a cancer diagnosis.

HobaCare Jojoba is chosen by oncology professionals and patients due to it being free from pesticides, parabens, petroleum, and fragrance and makes for a clean, simple, non-allergenic oncology massage medium, daily moisturizer, gentle make-up remover, and scalp conditioner that is safe for fragile skin. Our blog has more about oncology specific use for HobaCare Jojoba.

 @s4om_org/  @oncology_spa_solutions
@rushmedical @greettheday_nonprofit @unite4her
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Why add HobaCare Jojoba to your hair care regimen? Because it is a phenomenal conditioner and will leave your hair stronger, shinier, and more manageable! It’s also useful both as a deep intensive leave in oil treatment and as a frizz reducer. It can also be applied after washing hair and in between washing, whenever you need a bit of shine or whenever the ends feel dry. #jojobaoil #HobaCare #JojobaCompany
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It's been a few years now since our rebrand and we are loving our new labels. We are especially fond of the new HobaCare Baby labels. The stock image baby from our old label shows up in some odd places, last week we spotted it on a lead paint warning at the home improvement store! Swipe to see the old label and the poster we spotted at the hardware store. Do you remember our old labels? Do you still have a bottle with one knocking around? #HobaCare #Jojoba
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Spring has arrived here in Midcoast Maine and we are dreaming of lush gardens and fresh herbs. Soon enough we will be harvesting these herbs to preserve by infusing them in HobaCare Jojoba! Chamomile is one of the first to germinate and bloom here, so it's the one that's top of mind as we gear up for the upcoming season. We have directions on how to make chamomile infused jojoba on our blog. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #herbalinfusion
Join our Jojoba Seeds Rewards program and start earning rewards and discounts on the products you love! Earn 200 seeds (equal to $10 worth of product) for referring friends and they will get 20% off their first order.  #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
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Quick to absorb, yet still nourishing, HobaCare will leave your scalp silky, soft, and nurtured with a bit of shine, but not too much!  The scalp is exposed to a lot of environmental stressors, such as the sun’s UV rays, wind, and pollution. HobaCare jojoba can help create a protective barrier on the scalp that helps to shield it from these stressors. This can help to prevent damage and keep your scalp healthy. Those who lose their hair due to chemotherapy can have an extra sensitive scalp and can benefit from this extra layer of protection.

Another reason jojoba is best for bald heads from chemo is that it washes out of natural fibers, if you are wearing beanies to protect your bald head, use a good detergent to launder jojoba from them. It also does not go rancid, so you don’t have to worry about any “off” smells.  #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #veganskincare
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Other companies source jojoba from around the world, singularly focused on finding the lowest cost. Not us. Alongside our farmers, we’re a small vertically integrated company that harvests our jojoba directly from a single source: our own farms. Without a middleman, we are there from planting to HobaCare bottling. 

Our farmers lead our co-op. Collectively invested in innovation and sustainable practices, our farmers discover, share, and implement the ways to produce jojoba that’s best for our workers, the environment, and for you. #JojobaCompany #HobaCare #jojoba
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I have been using HobaCare for years 
& I love it! It is the only product 
I use for the face & body! I have another use to share with you...it heals cradle cap! My son had it and I would rub jojoba on his head, then comb 
through his hair. Thank you! -Debra Peters #veganbaby #HobaCare #JojobaCompany
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HobaCare Baby will gently strengthen and nourish your baby’s delicate, sensitive skin and scalp without risk of adverse reactions. Jojoba’s natural properties also help soothe inflammation, making it ideal for use after each diaper change. HobaCare Baby is our 100% pure, unrefined golden jojoba in a special pump bottle for added convenience.  #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil
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Our Beard Care Combo includes: 
4 oz bottle of HobaCare (regular or organic) + FREE limited edition wooden beard comb ***available only while supplies last*** #hobacare #jojobacompany #veganbeard
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The natural properties of HobaCare Jojoba help support the skin’s natural barrier function and protects against dryness. Quick to absorb, yet still nourishing, HobaCare will leave skin silky, soft, and nurtured. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojobaoil
Buy Two, Get One Free
4 & 8 oz sizes
Includes HobaCare, HobaCare Organic, & HobaCare Baby — now through Saturday
HobaCare Jojoba can help you minimize the number of products in your self-care routine. Use it to remove makeup, oil cleanse, soften and smooth hair (including beards), and use to moisturize and condition all skin. How do you HobaCare? #hobacare #jojobacompany #nontoxicskincare
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HobaCare is your best friend when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized and conditioned during the cold, dry winter months. Apply HobaCare Jojoba to entire body after each shower and apply a few drops to any skin exposed to the elements before heading out on a winter hike, ski, snowshoe, or other outdoor activity. #HobaCare #JojobaCompany #jojoba
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