HobaCare Beard Bundle


Why is HobaCare Jojoba is the BEST beard oil? There are SO MANY properties that make Jojoba the perfect beard oil, we could go on and on, but we will stick to the most important.

The two top reasons jojoba is the best beard oil is that it CONDITIONS and SOFTENS both the facial skin and facial hair.

Jojoba is also NON-COMEDOGENIC and NON-ALLERGENIC so it will not block pores and shouldn’t cause skin irritation. In fact Jojoba has soothing properties making is perfect for sensitive skin.

Jojoba also STRENGTHENS the hair shaft and clean the hair follicle, which is important if you’re trying to grow and maintain a long beard. Not only with your beard hair look better, it will actually be healthier as well!

HobaCare Jojoba is certified CRUELTY FREE through Leaping Bunny. HobaCare Jojoba is also certified VEGAN as well as NON-GMO. You can rest assured that Jojoba is as good for your beard & skin as it is for the environment!

Jojoba’s natural qualities (being a wax not an oil) softens and seals in moisture, helping reduce breakage and further drying. These qualities make jojoba the best beard oil for textured and gray facial hair, which both tend to be dryer and more likely to break.

How to use Jojoba as a beard oil:
If your skin and facial hair are excessively dry apply, massage a few drops of HobaCare Jojoba into your beard and skin, let it penetrate for 30 minutes or overnight. Wash/shampoo your beard as usual.

If your skin and facial hair isn’t overly dry, massage a few drops of jojoba into your damp beard and on skin after showering.

If needed, add a few drops of jojoba to your beard throughout the day, especially if you have trouble with dry skin and hair and in the winter and when ambient air is dry.

Feel free to use a comb to help incorporate jojoba into the beard, wooden combs are very popular. This is another area where HobaCare Jojoba is the best beard oil. Since it’s a wax and not an oil, it doesn’t go rancid. Thus your wooden beard comb will not get an off scent after a while and need replaced. In fact, Jojoba makes a fantastic wood preservative, so it will actually protect your wooden beard comb!


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