HobaCare Hand & Cuticle Salve

This product has been discontinued. We are working on new products. Please check out our HobaCare Jojoba for all your skincare needs!

Dry hands from all the handwashing you’re doing lately? HobaCare jojoba is perfect for dry hands but sometimes you want a moisturizer with a little more spread, something like a lotion but without the added preservatives and water that can exacerbate dry or sensitive skin. For that reason, we are excited to offer **HobaCare Hand & Cuticle Salve**, a simple but effective jojoba salve.

An exclusive collaboration between The Jojoba Company and Ridge Pond Herbals (the herbal skincare company run by Cari Balbo, herbalist and staff member here at The Jojoba Company), HobaCare Hand & Cuticle Salve combines organic jojoba and calendula infused jojoba with just enough beeswax to hold it together. This is a very soft salve, meant to be easily scooped from the tin with clean fingers (or a clean object like a spoon) and rubbed into hands. The calendula infused jojoba brings that flower’s anti-inflammatory, nourishing properties deeply into your skin. The addition of beeswax means this will take a little bit longer to sink in than liquid jojoba but you’ll love how your skin feels once it does. As with our liquid jojoba, a little goes a long way so start with a small amount until you get a sense of what works best for your skin. While this salve is great for hands and cuticles, it can be used anywhere your skin is dry, including lips. As with all new products, please patch test this on your skin before use.

*Ingredients: Organic HobaCare jojoba, Organic HobaCare jojoba infused with Ridge Pond Farm grown heirloom calendula, organic beeswax*

Available in:
– 1oz metal tin: $9.00
– 2oz metal tin: $15.00


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