HobaCare Jojoba Oil – Gallon Professional Size


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HobaCare Jojoba is the natural choice for massage therapists and estheticians of all modalities because it’s non-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and because it’s NOT an oil. Because jojoba is not actually an oil but a wax ester, it leaves clients’ skin feeling naturally conditioned and not greasy. We also offer Certified Organic HobaCare.

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HobaCare Jojoba Oil – Gallon Professional Size
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The professional-sized wholesale HobaCare Jojoba oil gallon is the natural choice for massage therapists and estheticians of all modalities because it’s non-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and because it’s NOT an oil. Because jojoba is not actually an oil but a wax ester, it leaves clients’ skin feeling naturally conditioned and not greasy.  When clients start asking what massage oil you’re using on their skin, upgrade your office with our Retail Starter Pack. It’s not only paraben and fragrance free, but jojoba is also hypoallergenic, which makes it gentle and safe enough for oncology and infant massage. Jojoba is also a fantastic choice because it washes off natural fiber linens and is easily removed from equipment, saving you in the long run. We also offer Certified Organic HobaCare.

Our HobaCare wholesale jojoba oil gallon is also the choice of consumers who want to save by buying in bulk, it’s the least expensive cost per ounce of all of our bottles. Given that jojoba has less than 3% triglyceride content it is highly resistant to oxidation, which allows you to buy in bulk and use it over a longer period of time. Easily refill dispensers with this jojoba oil gallon size (pump available and extra dispensers available separately).

HobaCare Jojoba is cold-pressed using a light expeller pressing creating the Golden Standard of Jojoba. We are a vertically integrated company owned by the cooperative of farmers that grow jojoba. HobaCare Jojoba is certified cruelty free, vegan, non-GMO. It has a deep golden color and a very slight nutty scent that dissipates quickly.

Hello! I just wanted to express my gratitude to this small business for providing the highest quality Jojoba Oil and excellent customer service for more than 25 years. As a working massage therapist for the last 22 years, I have used many kinds of lubricants. Your Jojoba Oil is the best!I have been using this product exclusively for the last 10 or more years now. I wish I had known earlier in my career about its many benefits. It washes out of my sheets completely, no stains or rancid smells. I have had sheets catch on fire in a dryer because of oily buildup! It does not stain my clothes or my clients. I do not worry about allergies. It has no odor. It is not sticky or tacky and provides the perfect amount of glide. It is the best oil for using hot stones and other tools. My clients love how it makes their skin feel. And I love using it. Thank you Jojoba Care!

Kris Linden

This is the only oil we use for our Fertility Massage clients. Only the BEST for our Mommies-to-be.

Massage Therapy Healing Center, Warwick, NY

We have always used Jojoba oil in our practice for the feel it gives to a massage – not too slippery nor too resistant. We also recognize it’s benefits for the skin, and like being able to offer hydration to our patient’s skin. We notice an increase in the amount of oil that is absorbed during the dry winter months when skin needs more lubrication! 

Miranda Hewlett, Advance Medical Massage

4 reviews for HobaCare Jojoba Oil – Gallon Professional Size

  1. ginger richey (verified owner)

    I am a Massage Therapist working on my 31st year in business, I use this product exclusively because it is everything I need, Scentless, slides smoothly and I have never ever had negative skin reactions like other products. It may seem a bit more expensive than some other touted products for massage. It’s the best. If you have a thriving business buy at least 4 gallons at a time. Its quick shipping.

  2. Jack K (verified owner)

    The Best of the Best Jojoba Oil. If you only by jojoba oil from “HobaCare Jojoba Oil Products” you are fortunate because have not known what a bad Jojoba Oil looks like.
    Have buying this same company for at least 25 years and always the best quality. They are doing tremendous job of sourcing the world for the best Jojoba oil.

  3. Donald Bowman (verified owner)

    I have been using Jojoba in my massage therapy practice for over fifteen years now. It is, by far, a superior product. It is not actually an oil, it is an ester. It has a long shelf life. It will not leave that rancid oil smell lingering in your massage studio, on your sheets. It is light, odorless and absorbs in to the skin, leaving it feeling silky & velvety, not greasy or oily. My clients love it. I am doing a thousand sessions a year. That takes about three gallons of jojoba, if you’re interested. If you want an excellent product at a fair price, this, is for you.

  4. Seth Joslin (verified owner)

    Jojoba Oil is the only way to go if you own a massage studio. I went years buying “Regular Oil” and my sheets over time would start to Smell horrific, not the look you want for your Studio. With Jojoba oil not technically being an Oil it does not stain and more importantly will not Smell bad. You Pay more up front for Jojoba but the benefits out way the little bit of extra cost. Plus You have no excuse to not buy Bulk Jojoba from HobaCare and get a significant discount. You will use it if your studio is active so buy Bulk and save money while getting the Best possible “oil” for your clients.
    Have good day 🙂

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