DIY Itch Stop Mix with Jojoba

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HobaCare Jojoba Oudoors

Our essential oil mix of the month for May is fitting, it’s a stop-bug-bite itch mix for insect bites. Here in Maine, the period between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is known as “Black Fly Season” (we know you know if you live anywhere that these little blood suckers live). These little insects can make being outside very unpleasant, their bites can itch for days or a week. Many of us spend lots of time indoors or only go outside fully clothes and with bug nets during the worst of the season. But there are times when all those pesky insects find our skin even with our most concerted efforts to avoid them.

We have many customers that say HobaCare Jojoba on its own is a great topical treatment for itchy bug bites. Simply dab a drop of jojoba on each insect bite. Jojoba is naturally anti-inflammatory so it helps with the irritation of insect bites. Jojoba also has wound healing properties, which will help your bites heal more quickly. Try using a drop of HobaCare on any insect bite you have, if that works you’re as natural as can be. (If you haven’t used jojoba before, grab an 8 oz bottle to try, use it on your skin and hair too)

Sometimes however we may need MORE when it comes to insect bites. Which essential oils are good for bug bites? There are many different essential oils recommended for itching bug and insect bites, we found that eucalyptus worked best here for black fly bites. Other essential oils you could try for mosquito bites if you don’t have eucalyptus are lavender, chamomile, tea tree, and peppermint. Ask around, you may find better advice for the types of bites you are experiencing in your area. See recipe below

I keep a small bottle of HobaCare in the car, a small bottle in the kitchen, and a large bottle upstairs. It’s great this time of year for bug bites and rashes as well as a moisturizer and makeup remover.

Jann Minzy

Upgrade your routine with premium HobaCare Jojoba!

Our anti-itch essential oil recipe mix is pretty simple:
10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
1/2 oz. jojoba
mix in a dropper bottle and use a drop or two on each insect bite several times daily. Be sure to note date mixed and use up within a year.

It really is that simple, let us know how this eucalyptus oil mix for mosquito bites works for you!

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There are a few precautions with any essential oils: Never use undiluted, in eyes or around mucus membranes. Do not ingest. Do not use for a prolonger period of time. Keep away from children and do not use essential oil on children or pets unless directed by a professional (cats in particular are very sensitive to essential oils, never use on cats). Avoid while pregnant and with homeopathics. May cause skin irritation (test on a small patch of skin in an insensitive portion of your body with proper dilution rate).

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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