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Amber glass bottle with dropper filled with golden jojoba oil for aromatherapy

Jojoba Oil for Aromatherapy, Relax w/this Free Recipe

Amy has used HobaCare for one of her carrier oils of choice for over a decade. Posted below is a wonderful DIY Sleep Massage Oil Recipe of hers, using HobaCare Jojoba as a base. We hope you enjoy the experience of concocting the recipe and the slumber to follow. We think this recipe would be a perfect fit for a before-bed self massage session or Abhyanga.

Making chamomile infused jojoba

DIY Calming Chamomile Infused Jojoba

DIY Chamomile infused jojoba is a fairly quick and easy make, impart the soothing properties of chamomile in soothing jojoba and create a luxurious elixir

The Jojoba Company First Press Jojoba Oil

Jojoba for Makers

When I started my herbal skin care product business in 2015, HobaCare Jojoba extract was the only jojoba I wanted to use in my products.

essential oil insect bite itch relief mix

DIY Itch Stop Mix

Our mix of the month for May is fitting, it’s an itch stop mix for insect bites. Here in Maine the period between Mother’s Day

making jojoba sugar scrub

DIY Jojoba Sugar Scrub

With Mother’s Day a month away we’ve been thinking about ways to incorporate jojoba into pampering gift baskets for mom. The beauty of jojoba is

glendarragh lavender farm in maine

Lovely Lavender

In early July, I stopped by Glendarragh Lavender Farm during the lavender harvest. We are so incredibly lucky to have a source for organic lavender so close.

herbal muscle rub recipe

Muscle Rub Essential Oil Blend

Jojoba makes an excellent carrier for essential oils, we won’t got into the nitty gritty of why in this post, find out more on our post

arnica infused oil

Arnica Infused Jojoba

For all the same reasons that jojoba makes a great carrier for essential oils, it also makes a great carrier to infuse with botanicals (see our

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