101 Uses For Jojoba

black woman doing facial gua sha massage with pink stone

Jojoba Oil For Gua Sha Massage

A lot of my clients have sensitive skin. Other massage mediums I have tried with a variety of added ingredients tend to be irritating.  I always go back to jojoba oil for gua sha for this reason.  I like something plain and simple.  HobaCare Jojoba oil provides the perfect slip and it actually calms the skin.  Clients often say they like the smell!


Cari, How Do You HobaCare?

Over the coming months we will be sharing posts about how our staff uses our jojoba themselves in our new #HowDoYouHobaCare campaign. Today’s post is

Using jojoba as your oil cleansing medium

Safe Halloween Makeup Removal

Autumn is in it’s second phase at our office here in Maine and suddenly we notice it’s that time of year again. The cloudy, breezy

HobaCare Jojoba Oudoors

DIY Itch Stop Mix with Jojoba

Our essential oil mix of the month for May is fitting, it’s a stop-bug-bite itch mix for insect bites. Here in Maine, the period between

Seasons of Jojoba

We received this note from one of our customers, we thought we’d share her great uses for jojoba throughout the seasons. We added additional notes

Lubricating gingher shears with jojoba

Use & Care

If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Can I use jojoba oil as a lubricant?’, the answer is yes. There are so many items around the household

face massage

Jojoba for Massage Therapists

The most important reason to use jojoba, as opposed to other massage mediums is that it’s a 100% non-toxic product. In fact, it’s recommended for

spinning wheel protected with jojoba

Customer Love

A month or so ago, one of our customers contacted us to see if she could use jojoba on a vintage spinning wheel. She was

non toxic garden tool protectant

Tool Protection with Jojoba

Our ongoing series “Jojoba 101” is all about unique ways to use jojoba throughout the house/garden. Around our offices and homes, we all use jojoba

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