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101 Uses For Jojoba

non toxic pet product

Yes, You Can use Jojoba on Animals

Can you use jojoba oil on dogs and cats? We’ve had many clients tell us that they use jojoba on their pets (which we do

making jojoba sugar scrub

DIY Jojoba Sugar Scrub

With Mother’s Day a month away we’ve been thinking about ways to incorporate jojoba into pampering gift baskets for mom. The beauty of jojoba is

Using jojoba as your oil cleansing medium

Using Jojoba for the Oil Cleansing Method

We’ve discussed using jojoba oil cleanser as a non-toxic alternative to removing make-up, but did you know that it can replace your face cleanser as

jojoba for pine sap removal

Sticky Residue Removal with Jojoba

In our ongoing series of collecting all the ways jojoba can be used, we were reminded of its value in removing sticky residue. As we

jojoba for easy paint removal from skin and hair

Jojoba for Easy Paint Cleanup

Do your weekend plans include painting? If so, we have a tip to help make cleanup a breeze. Before you get started, massage a few

jojoba and the cancer patient

Jojoba and the Oncology Patient

We hear from clients often about the wonderful benefits of jojoba, one area that we hear more and more about is its benefits for oncology

aromatherapy, beard oil recipe, beard oil mix, juniper beard oil, make your own beard oil,

Gin & Tonic Beard Oil Recipe

Being someone who loves the juniper & herb smell of gin, I decided that it would make a fantastic beard oil. As with any essential

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