HobaCare Balsam Salve
HobaCare Balsam Salve
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HobaCare Balsam Salve



We are proud to be a Maine-based company and to share in our love for our beautiful state we’ve infused our organic jojoba with fragrant balsam fir. This evocative scent will uplift the spirits of anyone who loves the fragrance of a hike in the woods.

HobaCare Balsam Jojoba is simply our organic jojoba extract infused with wildcrafted balsam fir. This product contains no added essential oils, just the forest-y scent from the tree itself. HobaCare Balsam Salve simply has the addition of fragrant beeswax to the balsam-infused jojoba.

How to use these products? As with our pure jojoba, our Balsam Jojoba and Balsam Salve make great skin moisturizers and massage aids with an undeniable aromatherapy benefit for balsam fir lovers. HobaCare Balsam Jojoba can be used as a beard oil or in the hair for conditioning, shine, and 100% natural fragrance. HobaCare Balsam Salve is perfect for when you want the moisturizing benefit of jojoba with the skin protection of beeswax. The addition of beeswax also means it makes a nice beard or mustache balm, similar to a light pomade. While The Original Jojoba Company cannot make any claims, we encourage our customers to do their own research on the potential health benefits of balsam fir applied topically. Here at our offices, our favorite way to use these products is to apply a small amount of either to our hands, massage thoroughly, and inhale deeply the essence of Maine.

Check out our blog post about making Balsam Infused Jojoba.

*As with all new products, please patch test on your skin before use.*

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