HobaCare Simple Salve
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HobaCare Simple Salve


Our deeply moisturizing salve is wonderful for a thicker jojoba application.

HobaCare Simple Salve is harder than HobaCare Soft Salve, but not so hard that you need to scrape it out with your fingernail. This Simple Salve will not melt easily, making it a safe choice for your pocket or bag, no matter how warm it might be making this Simple Salve perfect for travel (please be advised that leaving it in a hot car on a summer day might cause it to melt, however)!

HobaCare Simple Salve is better than a hand lotion because it is easy to travel with and does not make a mess. An added benefit is that you can use it as a lip balm.

As with our pure jojoba, a little goes a long way so start with a small bit until you know what works best for you. The beeswax in this salve means it will take a little longer to sink into the skin than jojoba alone but not too long if you’re using the right amount. With only two ingredients, HobaCare Simple Salve is perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities, but as with all new products, please patch test on your skin before use.

Ingredients: Organic HobaCare Jojoba and Beeswax


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