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Herbal Medicine & Infusions

Making chamomile infused jojoba

DIY Calming Chamomile Infused Jojoba

DIY chamomile-infused jojoba oil is a fairly quick and easy make, imparting the soothing properties of chamomile in soothing jojoba and creating a luxurious elixir

herbal hot spot treatment

DIY Herbal Hot Spot Treatment

Most likely, if you have pets, you’ve experienced a hot spot. Hot spots are acute moist dermatitis, and are characterized by red, irritated, weepy sores

glendarragh lavender farm in maine

Lovely Lavender

In early July, I stopped by Glendarragh Lavender Farm during the lavender harvest. We are so incredibly lucky to have a source for organic lavender so close.

arnica infused oil

Arnica Infused Jojoba

For all the same reasons that jojoba makes a great carrier for essential oils, it also makes a great carrier to infuse with botanicals (see our

sinus clear essential oil mix

Sinus Clear Essential Oil Blend

Have you ever wondered what essential oils are good for and used to clear sinuses? Jojoba makes an excellent carrier for essential oils, we won’t

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