My Jojoba Arrived Cloudy or Solid, is There Something Wrong?

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two bottles of jojoba oil with one cloudy and solid while the other is clear golden to show that pure jojoba oil solidifies at temperatures below 50

Does jojoba oil solidify or can it freeze? During colder winter months, we sometimes get calls from worried customers about cloudy or solidified jojoba oil. This is perfectly normal and there is no reason for concern. As the temperature drops jojoba oil will become cloudy, frozen, or solid. Hardening at lower temperatures is a normal process that occurs with most waxes and fats (remember jojoba oil is actually NOT an oil but a liquid wax). Typically, jojoba will start to get cloudy or solidify at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter more customers will experience this natural process. If you look at the image on the left, you will notice that one of the bottles of jojoba is clear and the other is cloudy. The bottle on the left was exposed to cold temperatures. After an hour or so at room temperature it looked just like the bottle on the right.

two bottles of golden HobaCare jojoba oil in a windowsill with the one on the left cloudy and solid from being exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees, bottle not he right is still in its liquid state and is clear and golden

Solidification does not affect jojoba’s quality, however, it may affect the separation of the phospholipids, a white wispy substance that can settle to the bottom of the container. Phospholipids are good for the skin. Shake the container well to reintegrate them. If you purchase jojoba that does not solidify at temperatures below 50 beware, it is likely mixed with something cheaper.  

If your jojoba oil arrives cloudy or solidified, allow it to reliquify at room temperature. The time required for this to happen will depend on the ambient room temperature and how cold the jojoba is. Please do not attempt to reliquify jojoba in boiling water or by placing it in the microwave.


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