Jojoba Properties

Top 5 Jojoba Oil Misconceptions

Over the 29 years that we have been in business, we’ve heard all manner of jojoba oil misconceptions about jojoba. In fact, barely a week

using jojoba oil in soap

Jojoba Oil in Soap

Many soap makers purchase HobaCare Jojoba oil for soap. In addition, many different brands of castile soap include jojoba as an ingredient. So why is jojoba used in soap making? Please find out more in this blog interview with one of our soapmaking customers.

The Jojoba Company First Press Jojoba Oil

Jojoba for Makers

When I started my herbal skin care product business in 2015, HobaCare Jojoba extract was the only jojoba I wanted to use in my products.

face massage

Jojoba for Massage Therapists

The most important reason to use jojoba, as opposed to other massage mediums is that it’s a 100% non-toxic product. In fact, it’s recommended for

jojoba and the cancer patient

Jojoba and the Oncology Patient

We hear from clients often about the wonderful benefits of jojoba, one area that we hear more and more about is its benefits for oncology

the highest quality jojoba

What Makes HobaCare Jojoba Different?

Our customers tell us that they can tell a difference between our quality jojoba oil and other brands of jojoba. What makes ours better? For

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