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Jojoba For Men

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Gin & Tonic Beard Oil Recipe

Being someone who loves the juniper & herb smell of gin, I decided that it would make a fantastic beard oil. As with any essential

Stress less beard oil recipe

Stress Less Beard Oil Recipe

Since Bob and Brian are participating in No Shave November, we decided a recipe for a stress reducing beard oil would be fitting. Jojoba makes

jojoba oil for the perfect shave

Jojoba Oil For The Perfect Shave

Jojoba oil* for the perfect shave, one of the things we love about HobaCare Jojoba is its versatility, which is exactly why we started the

little girl with brown braids combing dad's brown beard with a pink comb to promote that jojoba is the best beard oil

Jojoba is the Best Beard Oil

Jojoba is the best beard oil because in addition to softening and conditioning facial hair, it is also highly nourishing for the skin, especially facial skin. If you have trouble with itchy, flaky skin, under and around your beard, and/or unruly and dry facial hair you would definitely benefit from using a beard conditioning product like jojoba that doubles as a skin conditioner. 

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