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jojoba and pregnancy

Over the coming months we will be sharing posts about how our staff uses our jojoba themselves in our new #HowDoYouHobaCare campaign. Today’s post is from Hillary, one of our our Customer Care Specialists .

How Do You HobaCare

I am happy to say I have been working at The Original Jojoba Company for the last 14 years and over the last several months have experienced my biggest life change within the company yet – pregnancy! I am very humbled and grateful to be pregnant and growing this little human who my husband and I can’t wait to meet. There has been a lot of sleepy-eyed research going on as I attempt to educate myself on pregnancy, babies, and parenting. With so much info out there, I am trying to balance my tendency of anxious eagerness to learn it “all” (yeah, right) with knowing it makes a lot more sense to take my nurse midwives kind advice of “take it easy, common sense is your friend and find a solution if/when an issue actually arises”. Wish me luck!

jojoba and pregnancy

Something that gives me a ton of peace of mind is using HobaCare Jojoba. Having been with the company for so long, I have the benefit of knowing firsthand that purity is our priority and I can trust the safety of our jojoba extract on my skin even and especially during this time of extra watchfulness about my and the baby’s health. We honor that every person and every pregnancy is unique as well as celebrate that HobaCare Jojoba is safe to use for every body – it is non-allergenic, unrefined, first-press quality.

With so many options available for skincare (and so much ingredient research to go along with it), I absolutely love the low maintenance, minimalist, easy and nourishing experience of being able to use the same product, HobaCare Jojoba, for my face, my growing body and my eventual baby! What a load off the mind, to do list and baby registry by keeping it simple! Speaking of – HobaCare makes a wonderful gift if you’re headed to a baby shower or if you are a mom to be with an Amazon Baby Registry, it’s easy to add our product to your list!

Using jojoba during pregnancy

I have fairly sensitive skin and while I use our jojoba morning and nightly to moisturize my face, I have been particularly enjoying using calendula infused jojoba for an added boost of anti-inflammatory properties on all of my expanding skin – because it’s not just this belly area that is stretching! While I believe stretchmarks are something to be honored and loved as much as possible (and I don’t think we can do much about them if our genetics declare them for us), using jojoba definitely nourishes the skin through such a transition. I started using jojoba on my belly before becoming pregnant and I have not experienced any pregnancy stretch marks (yet). But more importantly to me, using jojoba has prevented all the itching from stretching skin I hear about women dealing with. Use HobaCare head to toe, mamas! My skin has felt utterly at ease, even when I’m a little frazzled!

jojoba and pregnancy

If you like the feel of something thicker to add to your belly/bodycare routine, consider our Simple Salve. I have used salve every once in a while, in addition to just jojoba on my belly. My husband mixed our calendula infused jojoba with beeswax and it gives another wonderful feel to the skin. Make your own or pop a Simple Salve from our website into your cart for one less thing to do.

making calendula infused salve with beeswax

Something I learned the hard way in my pregnancy is that they’re not kidding when they say you will sunburn far more easily than ever before. Take heed, ladies! A beautiful treat of a day at a local beach turned into a very, very uncomfortable few days after I severely burned my feet. That’s right, just my feet, as I took all the right precautions of sunscreens, hats and coverings for the rest of my body, yet decided my feet would somehow be fine without. What resulted was a very unpleasant opportunity to use more jojoba in the healing process. (As well as cat supervised ice foot baths shown below). I found a mixture of aloe and jojoba (naturally rich in healing Vitamin E) to be more beneficial for my feet than the natural (but formulated) after sunburn gel, which strangely felt drying to my skin.

cats & foot baths


How Do I HobaCare during my pregnancy? Now you know! I’ll be sure to update any interested readers on our use of jojoba for this baby’s inevitably precious skin. I hope to try out infant massage, I plan on using HobaCare for any diaper rash or cradle cap and I’ll certainly continue using jojoba for myself – I know it is wonderful for irritated delicate skin caused by the adventure of nursing! Of course, pregnancy is no guarantee of any outcome other than going on a personal journey and we wish all pregnant women much courage, deep self-compassion and as much wellness as possible! And we encourage any partners, sisters, mothers, supporters involved to give that mom to be a little shoulder massage with HobaCare Jojoba!

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