jojoba and pregnancy

Hillary – How Do You HobaCare?

Over the coming months, we will be sharing posts about how our staff uses our jojoba themselves in our new #HowDoYouHobaCare campaign. Today’s post is

non toxic skincare for babies

What’s The Difference?

We frequently get the question: What’s the difference between Jojoba Baby and regular organic Jojoba? Our answer: The packaging. Over the years we received lots

baby, ear, jojoba for ear cleaning,

Gentle Ear Cleaning With Jojoba

Can I put jojoba oil in my ear? We’ve all heard that we should never stick anything smaller than our fingers in our ears, and

baby's small head with dark hair nestled in mom's hands

Jojoba the #1 Natural Cradle Cap Remedy

Since jojoba is non-allergenic will not cause adverse reactions in infants, even those with ultra sensitive skin. If you have a baby with cradle cap try HobaCare Baby Jojoba before you try other treatments, especially those that contain chemicals or harsh ingredients.

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