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using HobaCare Jojoba oil for oncology esthetics

Jojoba Oil For Oncology Esthetics

This week we are focusing on using Jojoba Oil for Oncology Esthetics (If you are a Massage Professional, check out our in depth page about

balk woman doing facial gua sha massage with pink stone

Jojoba Oil For Gua Sha Massage

A lot of my clients have sensitive skin. Other massage mediums I have tried with a variety of added ingredients tend to be irritating.  I always go back to jojoba oil for gua sha for this reason.  I like something plain and simple.  HobaCare Jojoba oil provides the perfect slip and it actually calms the skin.  Clients often say they like the smell!

jojoba for healthy hair

Jojoba for Hair and Scalp

Are you wondering how to use jojoba oil for your hair and dry scalp? Jojoba oil is a fantastic natural product and has many benefits

baby, ear, jojoba for ear cleaning,

Gentle Ear Cleaning With Jojoba

Can I put jojoba oil in my ear? We’ve all heard that we should never stick anything smaller than our fingers in our ears, and

glendarragh lavender farm in maine

Lovely Lavender

In early July, I stopped by Glendarragh Lavender Farm during the lavender harvest. We are so incredibly lucky to have a source for organic lavender so close.

Natural After Sun Skin Soother

Jojoba oil* has various properties (anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, non-comedogenic) that make it highly beneficial as a natural after sun skin soother, especially if you are trying

arnica infused oil

Arnica Infused Jojoba

For all the same reasons that jojoba makes a great carrier for essential oils, it also makes a great carrier to infuse with botanicals (see our

jojoba and the cancer patient

Jojoba and the Oncology Patient

We hear from clients often about the wonderful benefits of jojoba, one area that we hear more and more about is its benefits for oncology

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